The Hotel Grand is the most famous in Łodz, and boasts the longest history of any hotel in
the city, welcoming guests for an uninterrupted 122 years.

Located at number 72 Piotrkowski street (ulica Piotrkowski), This impressive building was
erected in the second half of the 19th century and has had an eventful and complicated
history, the sole survivor of these events to this day. Previously the site of Edward
Hentschl’s factory, Ludwik Meyer built the hotel between 1887-1888. The building had a
neo-Renaissance form with characteristic decorated gables enveloping the mansard roof
of the middle and side sections, while above the entrance stood three Classical statues.

The next phase in its development took place between 1911-1913 (Dawid Lande,
architect) and consisted of raising the height of the building and installing the present
larger mansard roof with its dormer windows and small bell tower. At the same time, the
sumptuously decorated Malinowa (Raspberry) and Złota (Golden) dining rooms were also
created. The final important phase took place following the fire of 1942 with the creation of
the top floor, the simplification of the style and the finishing of some of the interiors.
The superlative Raspberry and Golden dining rooms and the hotel’s rooms played host
to, among others, Henryk Sienkiewicz, Helena Modrzejewska, Jan Kiepura, Stefan
Jaracz, Kornel Makuszyński, Władysław Broniewski, Zofia Nałkowska, Jan Brzechwa and
Krzysztof Penderecki.

Under communism the Grand passed under the ownership of the state run Orbis
travel company and became a place which drew leading cultural and artistic figures.
In its elegant dining rooms one could meet Beata Tyszkiewicz, Janusz Gajos, Daniel
Olbrychski and Jan Machulski, a relationship which has been celebrated by naming the
hotel’s apartments after such luminaries. The pavement outside is Poland’s equivalent of
Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, with stars commemorating the most famous figures
in Polish film – a reminder that for many years Łodz has been an important centre in

From its earliest days, the Grand has been synonymous with prestige and elegance and
its unquestionable predominance in the city for many years has played a key role in its
development. In 2010, Likus Hotels acquired the Grand and, with a view to continuing this
tradition and the uninterrupted operations of the hotel, welcomes guests to enjoy it at its
present standard. In the nearest future a gradual restoration will begin in order to meet the
exacting standards of a five star hotel and to ensure that we cater for every wish and whim
of our clients.


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