Likus Hotels and Restaurants is a free application which is the best and easiest way to book a room or dinner and an interactive tour of the exceptional interiors of LHR hotel group.


Objects Likus Hotels and Restaurants is a beautiful boutique hotels located in renovated historic buildings filled history, today, modern and comfortable. The rooms and suites delight with original medieval renaissance frescoes and wooden ceilings. Restaurants, decorated with Gothic arches and columns, led by top chefs offer dishes of Polish and Italian with a modern twist.


Application Likus Hotels and Restaurants  gives you fast and unlimited access to the most important information and events, and provides an easy way to book a room in hotel or dinner in the restaurant, always at the best prices.


With the application Likus Hotels and Restaurants you can also always check the current special offers, menus of all restaurants and learn about the history of these unique places.


A special map will also help to reach the place. Many photos allow to look into the interior of individual objects.
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